MUDr. Lusine Samsonyan
Specialist in Orthodontics
fixed and removable appliances

Dental office Prague 5

Barrandov polyclinic

Krškova 807/21

152 00 Praha 5


Phone: 277 277 976


We are on the 3rd floor on the left

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For Doctors

Dear Colleague,

I am pleased about your interest in collaboration.

I work exclusively in the field of orthodontic treatment. A comprehensive view of a patient’s case is an integral part of orthodontics. In fact, to ensure a maximally satisfactory result, I collaborate with a range of specialists.

I treat both children and adults, regardless of age.

I perform orthodontic preparation of the patient before dental prosthetic restoration, before implants insertion, before orthognathic surgery in the case of a skeletal anomaly. I often collaborate with implantologists, prostheticists and maxillofacial surgeons.

The patient needs to bring us a recommendation from you for consultation. If you have a fresh panoramic x-ray available, please loan it to us.

With complicated defects, it is advisable to discuss the treatment plan on meeting in person.

I look forward to working with you.

MUDr. Lusine Samsonyan

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