MUDr. Lusine Samsonyan
Specialist in Orthodontics
fixed and removable appliances

Dental office Prague 5

Barrandov polyclinic

Krškova 807/21

152 00 Praha 5


Phone: 277 277 976


We are on the 3rd floor on the left

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For Patients

 Welcome to website of MUDr. Lusine Samsonyan’s private orthodontic clinic.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which is concerned with treatment of irregular positioning of teeth, the dental arch and the jaw to each other. This branch of dentistry, like other branches of medicine, is advancing continually both scientifically and technically. This constant advance allows us to give a perfect smile to anybody, regardless of age.

Modern orthodontics is not limited to straightening the dental arch, but also makes it possible to achieve aesthetically balanced soft tissues of the face and improvement of the chewing function, and thereby stability of the results of treatment. This often requires the collaboration of colleagues from other branches of dentistry – a dentist, a surgeon-implantologist, a denture technician, a periodontologist , a maxillofacial surgeon, a speech therapist, allergologist, neurologist…

Such collaboration facilitates a complete view of your problem and enables us  to provide the highest possible quality of service.

The aim of every orthodontist is to give you a happy and pleasant smile.

Example of appliances

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