MUDr. Lusine Samsonyan
Specialist in Orthodontics
fixed and removable appliances

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Barrandov polyclinic

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152 00 Praha 5


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The Power of a Smile and the Means of Achieving One

The Power of a Smile and the Means of Achieving One

How can your life change with a new smile?

Everybody would like to have a beautiful smile. A smile is often the first thing which people notice. A healthy smile is synonymous with a healthy body and satisfaction.

If you have always had a feeling that your smile could look better, try to imagine how a pleasant smile could change not only your appearance, but your life too!

You would feel more attractive, more decisive, more sure of yourself.

With a beautiful smile you can enjoy a feeling of such self-respect a self-assurance which you have never experienced before. This can drastically change your private and professional life.

Many experts say that that they achieved greater success due to their attractive smile; elderly patients say that, thanks to their beautiful smile, they look and feel younger.

It may seem impossible, but it is true. Think about just how much improving your smile could change your life.

The smile has become an important reference point in modern society. 

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