MUDr. Lusine Samsonyan
Specialist in Orthodontics
fixed and removable appliances

Dental office Prague 5

Barrandov polyclinic

Krškova 807/21

152 00 Praha 5


Phone: 277 277 976


We are on the 3rd floor on the left

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Initial examination

During your second visit we will fill in a case history form together. Then we will examine your teeth, including the oral mucosa and gums. Your jaw joints, face and profile will also be examined.  Afterwards we will make photo-documentation of your teeth and face. These photographs are a compulsory part of your medical documentation. A cephalometric x-ray of your head and a panoramic x-ray will be taken. We will also take dental impressions of your teeth. Using these impressions, plaster models of your teeth are made which are used in compiling a treatment plan and as documentary models.

In some cases, special examination is needed, for instance, a 3D CT jaw examination, scintigraphic scan of the skull, neurological examination, etc.


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