MUDr. Lusine Samsonyan
Specialist in Orthodontics
fixed and removable appliances

Dental office Prague 5

Barrandov polyclinic

Krškova 807/21

152 00 Praha 5


Phone: 277 277 976


We are on the 3rd floor on the left

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Ortodontická léčba
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Orthodontic treatment

We use both removable and fixed devices for orthodontic treatment.

Removable devices are those which patients can take out of their mouths. Currently their use in orthodontics is limited. They are used only for treatment of very minor defects of dental occlusion in childhood or for pre-treatment of complex occlusion defects before placement of a fixed device. A passive form of removable devices is used during the “retention” period for maintaining provisional results of treatment.

Fixed devices are glued to the teeth. They consist mainly of brackets, bands and wires. There are also various elements (accessories) which can be added if necessary.

Treatment using fixed devices can take 1 ½ to 3 years.

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